Monetize your podcast

Focus on running your podcast, we'll find the advertisers.

Works with your Libsyn Podcast and iTunes friendly.

Increase Revenue

  • Sell your podcast ad-space directly to top advertisers already looking for access to your audience.
  • Get your podcast listed in the OpenStream marketplace for immediate exposure.
  • Our technology allows to geolocate your listeners and serve them national ads (pre-roll and out-roll).
  • OpenStream is free to use with easy set-up.
  • New advertisers are just a few clicks away. Our marketplace is proven to increase revenue.

OpenStream is the first podcast audio advertising platform

  • Before, the only way to monetize a podcast was to get sponsors. Now you can use Openstream and create a new recurring revenue channel.
  • Just add a small piece of code in your episodes URL.
  • All your catalog is instantly monetized.
  • You can also monetize your show with your own sponsors.